About us

     Aero club "Una" of Bihac was founded in 2013 and founded by a group of pilots and enthusiasts, with the aim of promoting aviation sport in the area of Bihac, to close sports aviation citizens of Bihac, as well as to promote the natural beauty of this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as to promote our natural and other beauties and benefits beyond the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our desire to be closer to our potential colleagues from other clubs and from abroad, on the way to present and promote our capabilities and to invite them to visit us.

     The founders of the Aero Club "UNA" are long-time airmen, who have been flying and other activities during the period of many years, who have the knowledge and professional skills needed to perform these activities.

     In the past period, Aero Club "UNA" organized the arrival of colleagues from abroad visiting our club and our city, so we had a visit of aviation aviation associates from many European countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Poland,

      Our wish is that these activities continue and in the future and to visit us more fellow airmen, in what we are sure.

Administration club constitute

GSM + 387 61 943 059

e-mail:  hamdijame@yahoo.com

Chairman of the Board

Mešić Hamdija

GSM +387 62 944 596

e-mail: ziviohari@gmail.com

Board member

Hadžihajdarević Haris

GSM + 387 /0/ 61 181076

Board member

Čavkunović Sead

Kada si jednom osjetio let, ići ćeš zemljom, očiju uprtih u nebo, tamo gdje si bio i tamo gdje želiš da se vratiš.“

Once you have felt the flight, you will go earth, your eyes raised to the sky, where you were and wherever you want to come back. "


Leonardo da Vinci

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+ 387 61 943 059
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