A E R O   R A F T   "U N A"

Aero raft presents a set of activities that we prepare for our guests who come to visit us on their aircraft, and thereafter a series of activities are being prepared. Because most of the arrivals are performed by airplanes, one of the activities is rafting on the River Una, so the name AERORAFT.
We have many events and activities for you, so we suggest you review these pages and decide for what you think is best for you. Then contact us and we will arrange and prepare the best that this city offers and according to your choice.

Kada si jednom osjetio let, ići ćeš zemljom, očiju uprtih u nebo, tamo gdje si bio i tamo gdje želiš da se vratiš.“

Once you have felt the flight, you will go earth, your eyes raised to the sky, where you were and wherever you want to come back. "


Leonardo da Vinci

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